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Definition of Acerbic

expressing harsh or sharp criticism in a clever way

Examples of Acerbic in a sentence

After John heard his teacher’s acerbic comments, he was not motivated to complete his project.

The writer’s acerbic tone did not sit well with people who had an issue with harsh criticism.

While you may think your acerbic joke is funny and helpful, others may not appreciate your humor.

My mother-in-law tries to hide the fact she does not like me by using acerbic comments.

Even though many people enjoy Jim’s wit, they are not always fans of his acerbic viewpoints.

Mary’s attempt to be clever is often overshadowed by her acerbic nature.

Although I appreciate constructive criticism, I see no value in acerbic remarks.

Our district manager does not hesitate to make acerbic comments to employees who are not doing their jobs.

William tried to ignore his wife’s acerbic statements about his career path.

Even though I voted for the mayor, I was turned off by his acerbic speech regarding his opponents.

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