Alacrity in a sentence

10 example sentences for Alacrity

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Alacrity pronounciation

Alacrity - Definition

ยป  liveliness and eagerness; cheerful readiness

Use Alacrity in a sentence

  • Having studied really hard last night, the student took the exam with alacrity.

  • The boy jumped up and down with alacrity as he inched closer to the candy store.

  • My alacrity for playing basketball with friends is much higher than writing a boring research paper.

  • Six innings in with a home-run, the baseball player swung the bat each time with alacrity.

  • Her alacrity to learn more about biology grew as she diligently studied the subject.

  • Because Jessica lacked alacrity in reading, her desire to finish the book diminished.

  • Though dad never finished high school, watching his son receive a diploma sparked an alacrity to get his GED.

  • What broke my alacrity to lose weight was my irresistible craving for sweets.

  • While he once had the desire to learn Chinese, his alacrity to master the language faded after realizing how difficult it really is.

  • Waiting all her life for this moment, Susan Boyle sung 'I dream of dream' with alacrity, despite having an unwelcoming audience.

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Alacrity Synonyms

willingness, eagerness, cheerfulness, enthusiasm, zeal, promptness

Alacrity Antonyms

apathy, reluctance, disinclination, carelessness

Related Forms

alacritous (adjective)

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