Assuage in a sentence

10 example sentences for Assuage

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Assuage - Definition

ยป  to provide relief; causing to feel better

Use Assuage in a sentence

  • In an effort to assuage angry customers, the store issued everyone a full refund.

  • To help assuage my guilt, I told the truth.

  • Knowing that my grandfather pulled through heart surgery does assuage my nerves.

  • Warm soup does very little to assuage my sore throat.

  • Not even a bribe to the carnival will assuage my ferocious little sister.

  • Following the catastrophic gun shooting on campus, counselors rushed in to assuage grieving students.

  • Having friends by my side will assuage the worries of becoming a parent.

  • While smoking may assuage stress, it will upset your overall health.

  • Aspirin will assuage your headache.

  • You could assuage the crowd by being less tense and more humorous with your character.

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Assuage Synonyms

comfort, ease, relieve, alleviate, appease

Assuage Antonyms

worsen, aggravate, exacerbate

Related Forms

assuagement (noun), assuager (noun), assuaged (adjective), assuaging (adjective)

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