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Definition of Contempt

the feeling of intense dislike and a lack of respect for someone/something

Examples of Contempt in a sentence

Because Abby came from a wealthy family, it was not surprising she looked at homeless people with contempt.

Sarah is a wonderful person who has never shown contempt for anyone.

After refusing to listen to the judge, the defendant was held in contempt of court and taken back to his jail cell.

Many of the city’s residents feel contempt for law enforcement because of the increasing accusations of officer misconduct.

The parents of the murder victim showed a great deal of contempt for their child’s killer.

Since Mrs. Stockton had treated everyone with contempt her whole life, no one attended her funeral.

John’s prejudice causes him to feel contempt for people who do not speak English.

Because he was bitten by a dog as a young child, Jake feels contempt for all dogs today.

My contempt for Helen makes it difficult for me to work with her!

The man showed his contempt for his country by burning the national flag.

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