Contempt in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Contempt

the feeling of intense dislike and a lack of respect for someone/something

Examples of Contempt in a sentence

Because Abby came from a wealthy family, it was not surprising she looked at homeless people with contempt.  🔊

Sarah is a wonderful person who has never shown contempt for anyone.  🔊

After refusing to listen to the judge, the defendant was held in contempt of court and taken back to his jail cell.  🔊

Many of the city’s residents feel contempt for law enforcement because of the increasing accusations of officer misconduct.  🔊

The parents of the murder victim showed a great deal of contempt for their child’s killer.  🔊

Since Mrs. Stockton had treated everyone with contempt her whole life, no one attended her funeral.  🔊

John’s prejudice causes him to feel contempt for people who do not speak English.  🔊

Because he was bitten by a dog as a young child, Jake feels contempt for all dogs today.  🔊

My contempt for Helen makes it difficult for me to work with her!  🔊

The man showed his contempt for his country by burning the national flag.  🔊

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