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Definition of Derision

being laughed at or ridiculed

Examples of Derision in a sentence

The kids erupted in derision when a handicapped man entered in the classroom.

His stance on gun control drew derision from the pacifists.

Laughed at being a virgin all her life, Mary will spend a passionate night with her boyfriend to end the merciless derision from her friends.

You should praise me for my actions rather than laugh in derision.

People laugh in derision when they find out that my name is Dick.

I would expect to encounter derision from a group of dimwitted children but never from a crowd of college graduates.

I may not know who our vice president is, but that does not call for making teasing remarks of derision.

From the moment Suzy publicly passed gas, her peers unrelentingly fired back with derision...for an eternity!

Full of derision, the fat bully made it his duty to constantly poke fun at other overweight children.

I can tell that she was not sincere from the derision in her voice.

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