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Definition of Derision

Severe mocking and ridiculing of someone

Examples of Derision in a sentence

The kids erupted in derision when a handicapped man entered in the classroom.

His stance on gun control drew derision from the pacifists.

Laughed at being a virgin all her life, Mary will spend a passionate night with her boyfriend to end the merciless derision from her friends.

Derision filled the classroom as the students spent more time mocking one another than they did working.

People laugh in derision when they find out that my name is Dick.

Accused of derision, the president was said to have ridiculed a disabled reporter.

Once the disrespectful worker was gone, the office was no longer filled with scornful derision.

From the moment Suzy publicly passed gas, her peers unrelentingly fired back with derision...for an eternity!

The hateful team viewed their opponents with derision and heckled them throughout the game.

Several worshipers were met with division and ridicule by hecklers gathered outside of the mosque.

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