Besmirch in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Besmirch

to smear an individual’s reputation or character

Examples of Besmirch in a sentence

If the opposing candidate for homecoming queen gets her hands on my nude pictures, she will use them to besmirch my character.  🔊

Because Gail wanted her supervisor’s job, she did everything in her power to besmirch the woman’s character.  🔊

The convict tried to besmirch the arresting detective’s name in hopes of having his conviction overturned.  🔊

After being kicked out of the country club, Marcus did everything within his power to besmirch the name of the establishment.  🔊

The baseball star claimed he had never taken steroids and insisted the accusation was an attempt by an angry reporter to besmirch his name.  🔊

The woman’s adultery accusation is sure to besmirch the married politician’s reputation.  🔊

How dare you threaten to besmirch my name if I refuse to pay your blackmail demands!  🔊

Although James never meant to besmirch his wealthy family’s name, he did tarnish their reputation when he got arrested.  🔊

Cathy went out of her way to besmirch her husband’s character during their divorce proceedings.  🔊

As a Christian, I will never besmirch the name of the Lord.  🔊

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