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10 example sentences for Engender

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Engender - Definition

»  to cause a feeling or attitude to exist

Use Engender in a sentence

  • The restaurant hoped the act of giving out free ice cream would engender customer loyalty.

  • By revealing the president’s secrets, the reporter hoped to engender feelings of distrust among the public.

  • Although I do not like my ex-husband, I would never want my opinion to engender my children to dislike their father.

  • Some people believe violent video games engender feelings of hostility in young people.

  • Watching wealthy CEOs fly about in private jets does not engender public empathy towards big business.

  • The best teachers are those who engender their students to believe in their own successes.

  • The cult leader tried to engender a fear of society among his followers.

  • Sadly, the heartbroken girl had to learn that love does not always engender love from others.

  • While the cancer commercials are not visually appealing, the government hopes they will engender a negative attitude towards smoking.

  • Hopefully, the recent gun violence in our country will engender politicians to take action on gun reform.

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Engender Synonyms

produce, generate, create, cause, result in, provoke, bring about, spawn

Engender Antonyms


Related Forms

engenderer (noun), engenderment (noun)

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