Audacious in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Audacious

recklessly bold; daring

Examples of Audacious in a sentence

Cooper was an audacious soldier who never ran from a battle. 🔊

Although April is an audacious athlete, she does not participate in any dangerous sports.  🔊

The millionaire earned his fortune by being an audacious player on the stock market. 🔊

While Harold’s business plan was risky and audacious, it promised great rewards if successful.  🔊

Because the police captain knew his men were well trained, he planned an audacious attack on the bank robbers.  🔊

The most successful people are those who are audacious and not afraid to take risks.  🔊

Jason was an audacious chess opponent who won nearly every match because of his bold moves.  🔊

Even though Kim is an audacious driver who rarely drives the speed limit, she has never been in a car accident.  🔊

The prince’s audacious plan to save the princess included crossing the deathly forest and killing the dragon.  🔊

In order to pull off the audacious robbery, the thieves needed both a helicopter and a boat.  🔊

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