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Definition of Erudite

having or showing profound knowledge

Examples of Erudite in a sentence

The room was full of erudite scholars who made the discussion on astronomy fun and interesting.

As a result of having studied abroad several years, Helen has become quite erudite on the subject of art history.

While I learned everything I know from television, my sister can credit being erudite to spending countless hours in the classroom obtaining her doctoral degree.

Our erudite instructor was able to answer every question asked by our class.

With his informative presentation, William showed his peers how erudite he truly was.

Many difficult questions were asked by the students, and they were all followed by erudite responses from their knowledgeable teachers.

In order to understand this book on nuclear physics, I will have to review it with someone who is erudite in that subject.

Because I am failing calculus, I am in search of the most erudite calculus tutor I can find.

Although erudite and experienced, the tired professor found it difficult to teach a simple physics lesson.

His erudite observation about my childhood caught me off-guard.

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