Outfox in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Outfox

to con or trick someone using keen and smart ways

Examples of Outfox in a sentence

Using his wit and finesse, the veteran defense attorney was able to outfox any lead witness into saying incriminating information about themselves.  🔊

Usually politicians spend their careers trying to outfox their opponents with colorful stories, false promises and believable lies to get the people to vote for them.  🔊

Timothy began to outfox his parents by coming home right before curfew and then escaping back out his window to rejoin his friends.  🔊

Scammers will intentionally target the elderly in order to outfox them by having them send money to a fictional charity.  🔊

Bernie Madoff was able to outfox many important people for years by pretending to invest their money but was keeping the money instead.  🔊

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