Magnanimous in a sentence

10 example sentences for Magnanimous

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Magnanimous - Definition

»  very generous or forgiving; unselfish

Use Magnanimous in a sentence

  • Despite the slurs made against him by his opponent, the boxer was magnanimous enough to praise his competitor.

  • Even though the defendant had broken the law, the magnanimous judge gave him the lightest sentence possible.

  • Because she was kind and generous, the magnanimous queen was loved by all.

  • When looking at all the sports, it is easy to see that boxing is the least magnanimous to the loser.

  • Several magnanimous members of the congregation made sizable donations to rebuild the community center after the fire.

  • As I am in a magnanimous mood this morning, I will surprise my co-workers with donuts and croissants.

  • Because he believed he was better than everyone else, Hiram was far from magnanimous after losing the competition.

  • Everyone considers Joe magnanimous because he is always seeking out ways to serve his community.

  • How can you be so magnanimous towards Raymond when he constantly puts you down?

  • My minister is constantly urging us to be magnanimous to each other.

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Magnanimous Synonyms

generous, kind, gracious, charitable, considerate, noble, big-hearted,

Magnanimous Antonyms

selfish, stingy, unforgiving, petty

Related Forms

magnanimously (adverb), magnanimousness (noun)

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