Sympathy in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Sympathy

shared feeling or kinship in feeling after an upsetting or particularly emotional event

Examples of Sympathy in a sentence

After her grandmother died, Abigail’s friends expressed their deepest sympathy for her loss in the form of flowers, cards, and comfort food.  🔊

After her breakup, Jenny’s friends tried to ply her with sad looks and by insulting her ex’s new girlfriend, but she did not want their sympathy.  🔊

Danny had no sympathy for his heartbroken sister because he told her several times how bad her boyfriend was for her.  🔊

Mya always had sympathy for her depressed friends because she too suffered from toxic feelings.  🔊

After having her heart broken one too many times, the older woman had a great amount of sympathy for the young girl who'd just lost her first love.  🔊

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