Prodigal in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Prodigal

carelessly and foolishly spending money, time, etc.

Examples of Prodigal in a sentence

If you want to save money for college, you should stop your prodigal spending sprees.  🔊

We should be concerned about our future because of our prodigal youth.  🔊

After the prodigal son spent all of his inheritance, he had to get a low-paying job.  🔊

The government’s prodigal spending is going to ruin the country’s economy.  🔊

Without giving a thought to others, the prodigal heiress threw away clothes she had never worn.  🔊

Jack’s prodigal actions left him penniless and without a home.  🔊

When Carl divorced Carla, he said it was because of Carla’s prodigal habit of spending all his money on silly items.  🔊

Everyone wants to know how Harvey can live such a prodigal lifestyle on such a small salary.  🔊

Although Maggie tried to save money for a new car, she could not give up her prodigal shopping binges.  🔊

Even when the dictator saw his people dying of hunger, he refused to change his prodigal way of life.  🔊

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