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Definition of Pensive

expressing or revealing sad thoughtfulness

Examples of Pensive in a sentence

Unrequited love caused her to be in a very pensive mood.

Because James was sick of his wife’s pensive look, he finally answered her question.

After losing his job, Alex became more pensive than ever.

Do you find the actor’s pensive look as sexy as I do?

The pensive young man spent a great deal of time contemplating his future.

I, for one, find his pensive look a bit scary!

Since he attended his ex-wife’s wedding, Bob has been quite pensive.

Even though the woman seemed happy, the bartender could not help but notice the sad and pensive look on her face.

As the widow left the cemetery, her pensive stare was enough to make the mourners cry.

While Jane had been quite carefree in her youth, her older years have made her quite pensive.

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