Pensive in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Pensive

expressing or revealing sad thoughtfulness

Examples of Pensive in a sentence

Unrequited love caused her to be in a very pensive mood.  🔊

Because James was sick of his wife’s pensive look, he finally answered her question.  🔊

After losing his job, Alex became more pensive than ever.  🔊

Do you find the actor’s pensive look as sexy as I do?  🔊

The pensive young man spent a great deal of time contemplating his future.  🔊

I, for one, find his pensive look a bit scary!  🔊

Since he attended his ex-wife’s wedding, Bob has been quite pensive.  🔊

Even though the woman seemed happy, the bartender could not help but notice the sad and pensive look on her face.  🔊

As the widow left the cemetery, her pensive stare was enough to make the mourners cry.  🔊

While Jane had been quite carefree in her youth, her older years have made her quite pensive.  🔊

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