Precarious in a Sentence

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Precarious - Definition

unstable, dangerous or difficult

Use Precarious in a sentence

Running around with a knife is very precarious.

Austin is in a precarious financial situation, owing thousands of dollars.

As precarious and unstable our relationship is now, we can still work it out.

Choosing between closing my business or laying off employees puts me in a precarious position.

If you think the weather is bad now, see how precarious conditions will be when the hurricane makes landfall.

The economy is looking precarious as our currency becomes less valuable.

Unless we resolve this, our future looks precarious.

Swimming without a life jacket is precarious.

Gripping with a lack of shelter, homeless people live in precarious conditions.

Kelly's health situation remains precarious as the cancer spreads to her brain.

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Precarious synonyms

dangerous, unsafe, insecure, risky, unstable, hazardous

Precarious antonyms

safe, stable, certain, strong, dependable, reliable