Prerogative in a sentence

10 example sentences for Prerogative

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Prerogative - Definition

»  a special right, power, or privilege

Use Prerogative in a sentence

  • Since he was a senior member of the golf club, Allan had the prerogative to reject new member applications.

  • The princess felt it was her prerogative to always walk in front of everyone else.

  • If you choose to follow your prerogative and behave badly, then do not be surprised if prison is in your future!

  • As an A-List movie star, it was always his prerogative to get free tickets to movie premieres.

  • Just because you are rich does not give you the prerogative to break the law!

  • When he remembered the judge had the prerogative to place him in prison, the convict held his tongue.

  • Changing the law is not the lone prerogative of politicians.

  • Since it was his prerogative, the instructor ended the class twenty minutes early.

  • The governor of each state has the prerogative to declare a state of emergency when necessary.

  • If your doctor prescribes a medicine you do not want, it is your prerogative to refuse it.

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Prerogative Synonyms

right, privilege, franchise, charter, advantage, privelege

Prerogative Antonyms

duty, obligation

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