Propitious in a sentence

10 example sentences for Propitious

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Propitious - Definition

»  full of promise; favorable

Use Propitious in a sentence

  • The beautiful Hawaiian weather made it propitious for sun bathing yesterday.

  • When the butterfly landed on her shoulder, Alicia took it as a propitious sign she would have a fantastic day.

  • Because her boss was having a great week, Sharon believed it was a propitious time to inquire about a salary increase.

  • After my parents turned their attention to my younger sister, I knew it was a propitious time for me to sneak out of the room.

  • The wrestler waited for a propitious moment to attack his opponent.

  • It is obvious from the dark clouds that it is not a propitious day for a beach party.

  • With the violin music in the background and the rose petals on the floor, the environment was propitious for Tom’s wedding proposal.

  • Since her father had just received a bonus at work, Helen felt it was a propitious moment for her to ask for a loan.

  • With gas prices getting lower and lower, there has never been a more propitious time for a road trip.

  • Because of the tax breaks offered by the state of Georgia, it is propitious the new vampire movie will be filmed in the Atlanta area.

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Propitious Synonyms

favorable, promising, timely, fortunate, encouraging, opportune

Propitious Antonyms

unfavorable, unpromising

Related Forms

propitiously (adverb), propitiousness (noun)

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