Fragrant in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Fragrant

pleasant or sweet-smelling

Examples of Fragrant in a sentence

The fragrant smell of flowers is almost completely absent in winter, which is why I prefer the aromas of summer and spring.  🔊

Some people consider sweet foods to be fragrant, but other people that do not like the way they smell may find them unpleasant instead.  🔊

I find the pleasant smell of candles to be fragrant, though there are some candles that have repulsive or distasteful smells too.  🔊

The fragrant aroma of perfume is often worn by women that wish to be presentable in public and the people around them.  🔊

Because few people naturally smell appealing as they are, aesthetic products like deodorant and perfume are used to provide a fragrant aroma.  🔊

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