Recalcitrant in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Recalcitrant


Examples of Recalcitrant in a sentence

Despite being offered treats by his parents, the little boy was still recalcitrant about doing his homework.  🔊

Because of its two recalcitrant members, the committee got very little work done.  🔊

The recalcitrant teenager gets into trouble every day.  🔊

Since his recalcitrant client was not following instructions, the lawyer had a hard time preparing a solid defense.  🔊

Over time, the hopeless soldiers became recalcitrant and refused to follow orders.  🔊

Training the recalcitrant puppy was quite a challenge.  🔊

After the economy soured, the president fired his recalcitrant advisers.  🔊

Our recalcitrant boss refuses to listen to the union representative’s proposal.  🔊

Annette is so recalcitrant that every discussion we have turns into an argument.  🔊

Learning nothing from the second-chance boot camp, the recalcitrant youth ended up in prison.  🔊

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