Turgid in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Turgid

language that is complex and hard to understand

Examples of Turgid in a sentence

The middle school student could not understand any of the facts listed in the turgid collegiate essay.  🔊

Even though the scientist tried to make his report simple, it was still too turgid for the average person to comprehend.  🔊

The movie’s plot was so turgid that people left the theater completely confused.  🔊

When the author wrote his novel, he had no idea it would be too turgid for his target audience to understand.  🔊

The foreign exchange student could not recognize the turgid wording used on the exam.  🔊

For many, Shakespeare’s prose is a bit too turgid for comprehension.  🔊

The uneducated man sought the services of legal aid to help him understand the turgid contract.  🔊

Although the critic tried repeatedly to make it through the turgid book, he was unable to finish the complex literary work.  🔊

Most of the company shareholders could not understand the turgid financial documents given out during the stockholder’s meeting.  🔊

Because the students could not understand their professor’s turgid lecture, they quickly grew bored and started to text on their phones.  🔊

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