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Definition of Resilient

to recover from damage quickly

Examples of Resilient in a sentence

The community was highly spirited and resilient despite a hurricane disaster.

Despite a cancer diagnosis, Mary would remain resilient and fight until the very end.

A resilient individual will not be hurt by insults.

Surprisingly, the stubborn little boy was resilient to change.

Some small businesses were resilient following the recession; but unfortunately, many were defeated in hard economic times and had to close shop.

Brick houses are more resilient to wind damage than mobile homes.

Making computers resilient to viruses has proven to be difficult.

It's wonderful to see how resilient our community is in wake of the tornado outbreak.

Jeff faced many hardships in life, but he always found a way to be resilient.

Though she once accepted failure as an option, the resilient woman sprung back into action and finished what she had started.

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