Cogent in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Cogent

very clear and easy for the mind to accept and believe

Examples of Cogent in a sentence

1. When the homebuilder did not provide me with a cogent answer to my question, I knew he was not the right person to build my family home. 🔉

2. I had no trouble believing the doctor's cogent statement about my strong need for the surgery. 🔉

3. An experienced speaker, John knew how to deliver a cogent presentation that would easily engage his audience. 🔉

4. The angry husband hired a detective to find cogent proof of his wife's extramarital affair. 🔉

5. As you speak to the sick and elderly, try and make all of your statements cogent so they will not have to struggle to accept your ideas. 🔉

6. The politician's cogent argument against the war won him many votes in the election. 🔉

7. Although I normally do not like science fiction movies, this film was cogent and easy for me to accept as true. 🔉

8. Frank knew he could only win the debate competition if he presented a cogent position to the judges. 🔉

9. Because the child was so young, I worked hard to give her cogent answers to her questions. 🔉

10. The jury will vote in favor of the defendant only if he prosecutor does not provide cogent evidence of the man's guilt. 🔉

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