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Serendipity - Definition

»   the fact of finding pleasant or useful things by chance

Use Serendipity in a sentence

  • The lottery is something one wins by serendipity not by design.

  • When it comes to capturing the perfect picture, it is all about serendipity.

  • The paparazzi relied on serendipity to figure out which hotel entrance the celebrity would use.

  • Although Jeremiah is known for being unlucky, he did once have the serendipity of being chosen as one of the city’s most exciting young people.

  • Is it true that finding a four-leaf clover will give you serendipity or good luck?

  • I met my husband simply by serendipity when we were both waiting in line at the post office.

  • It was by serendipity that I found a hundred dollar bill on the sidewalk.

  • By serendipity, I was fortunate enough to get two tickets to a sold out conference.

  • When I ran into my first love on a singles cruise, I knew it was serendipity at work.

  • It had to be serendipity when we found our dream house during a random drive in the country.

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