Surreptitious in a sentence

10 example sentences for Surreptitious

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Surreptitious - Definition

ยป  marked by quiet and caution and secrecy

Use Surreptitious in a sentence

  • The dog has his surreptitious ways of stealing table scraps behind my back.

  • Because we are dealing with confidential information, let us keep the conversation under surreptitious terms.

  • Your surreptitious drug habits will not stay unknown for long.

  • It is difficult to live a surreptitious life in a house full of snoopy people.

  • Little did his wife know, Clyde stepped outside in the wee hours of the morning to meet his mistress, a surreptitious move on his part to escape a lawful marriage.

  • I don't trust a gossiper to be surreptitious about private matters.

  • Throwing me a surprise birthday party was a surreptitious thing to do!

  • Scammers have their surreptitious ways of gathering your private information.

  • Rod Blagojevich had a surreptitious plan to sell the senate seat but was caught and sentenced for doing so.

  • Stuck on a problem, the student employed his surreptitious scheme to reference his notes during an exam.

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Surreptitious Synonyms

secret, underhand, sneaky, hush-hush

Surreptitious Antonyms

honest, open, candid, frank

Related Forms

surreptitiously (adverb), surreptitiousness (noun)

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