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Verbatim - Definition

»  repeating the exact words that were used

Use Verbatim in a sentence

  • Do you have to repeat everything I say verbatim?

  • It is the court reporter’s job to capture every word spoken verbatim.

  • While my hearing is not perfect, I am certain I can repeat every word of her speech verbatim.

  • It was obvious the playwright included lines from the book almost verbatim in his play.

  • Because my visual presentation included everything in my report verbatim, my teacher gave me a grade simply on the presentation itself.

  • If you are too lazy to read the book, you can almost get the full plot verbatim by watching the movie of the same title.

  • To test my grandmother’s memory, the doctor asked her to repeat his words verbatim.

  • Because he had such a great memory, Jason could recite the lyrics of a song verbatim after only hearing it once.

  • While the teacher was not looking, Janice copied Mark’s test answers verbatim.

  • It was apparent the witnesses had been coached because they gave the same testimony verbatim.

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Verbatim Synonyms

directly, exactly, word for word

Verbatim Antonyms

paraphrased, inexact

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