Vociferate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Vociferate

to shout, argue, or otherwise speak loudly or aggressively

Examples of Vociferate in a sentence

The man decided to vociferate with his wife because the two of them were having an argument and only shouting could apparently get his point across.  🔊

If you have to vociferate for someone to hear you, it must be very loud, otherwise there would be no need to shout.  🔊

You should not vociferate when speaking to a figure of authority, as you are not treating them with respect when you raise your voice.  🔊

If you vociferate at someone, you are shouting at them loudly or aggressively, and usually in an argument.  🔊

A young child will often vociferate when they feel like no one is hearing them or they simply want more attention from the people around them.  🔊

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