Abstemious in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Abstemious

marked by moderation and holding back on indulgence

Examples of Abstemious in a sentence

Gerald was abstemious at dinner and only ate a little of the food on his plate.  🔊

Because I was abstemious with alcohol when I was younger, I am still quite healthy in my later years.  🔊

The best way to avoid becoming obese is by being abstemious and only eating what is necessary to survive.  🔊

While Mr. Peterson was quite abstemious with his meals, he always put out a big feast when he had guests over for dinner.  🔊

The buffet was huge and included healthy snacks for abstemious eaters and large entrees for the insatiable individuals.  🔊

Although my husband is normally abstemious with his money, he will buy a ticket to a football game in a minute.  🔊

The monks had an abstemious diet which consisted chiefly of chicken, bread, water, and cabbage.  🔊

Even though Mrs. Washington was a very wealthy woman, she still lived an abstemious life and only spent money on the basic essentials.  🔊

Because of his religion, Pierre is abstemious and does not eat meat.  🔊

While one should observe an abstemious diet and not eat everything in sight, one should still eat nutritiously.  🔊

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