Aesthetic in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Aesthetic

concerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste

Examples of Aesthetic in a sentence

Our aesthetic enjoyment of the art show was increased by the presence of the open bar. 🔊

Because Henry could see both the mountains and the ocean from his hotel room, he really enjoyed the aesthetic view. 🔊

Would you mind giving me your aesthetic opinion of my new handbag? 🔊

At the end of my two week painting workshop, the result was an aesthetic wonder of black and white that made my instructor speechless with pleasure. 🔊

My husband’s painting, on the other hand, was awful and did not have any aesthetic properties. 🔊

Since Miriam has a strong aesthetic sense, we have decided to hire her as our landscaper. 🔊

If you are turned off by the company’s new logo, the odds are you cannot see its aesthetic appeal. 🔊

To many plant lovers, the aesthetic view of a rose is priceless. 🔊

Helen’s living room is so crowded that no one can appreciate the aesthetic beauty of her designer furniture. 🔊

Because Jonathan was captivated by the aesthetic value of the vase, he paid over a million dollars for the collectible item. 🔊

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