Arrhythmic in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Arrhythmic

having an irregular beat or pace

Examples of Arrhythmic in a sentence

After diagnosing the patient with an arrhythmic heartbeat, the doctor knew he needed to prescribe medication to get the beat back into a steady rhythm. 🔊

When the drummer got sidetracked, his arrhythmic tempo on his snare drum made everyone else in the band lose their concentration. 🔊

If the veteran marathon runner encounters an arrhythmic pace during her run, it will take time for her to get back to her normal pace. 🔊

When the train moving at its standard way down the tracks changed to an arrhythmic sound, everyone knew that the train was about to derail.  🔊

Grandma’s arrhythmic palpitations would increase to a dangerously fast pace requiring her to receive treatment for her heart.  🔊

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