Autodidact in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Autodidact

self-taught person

Examples of Autodidact in a sentence

After moving to the rural village of the Congo, the autodidact learned math and science due to the only school being over one hundred miles away.  🔊

As a 5-year old, it was apparent that Mark would be considered a genius due to the time he spent alone in his room learning the guitar as an autodidact.  🔊

If citizens of small towns in ancient times wanted to be educated, their parents taught them or they figured skills out on their own as an autodidact.  🔊

Using a recorded story on tape and the accompanying novel, the autodidact learned how to read while in an isolated prison cell.  🔊

The autodidact practiced her culinary skills from the information in the purchased textbooks and ended up being the head chef of a popular restaurant.  🔊

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