Cynical in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Cynical

distrustful of human nature and motives

Examples of Cynical in a sentence

Helen is a cynical woman who does not trust anyone. 🔊

After being dumped by his girlfriend, Jack was cynical about dating other women.  🔊

Because Larry is such a cynical person, he has very few friends. 🔊

Although Helen is not cynical, she does not expect much from anyone.  🔊

The king was cynical of his adviser’s motive for wanting to declare war.  🔊

I am incredibly cynical of any politician who wants to shake my hands.  🔊

After Jane’s husband left her for another woman, she became cynical of love.  🔊

Even though Hank had experienced many disappointments in his life, he did not allow himself to become cynical.  🔊

When the author wrote a book about the decline of mankind’s morals, everyone knew he was a very cynical man.  🔊

The cynical woman did not believe a word the car salesman told her.  🔊

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