Confide in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Confide

to share information in secret

Examples of Confide in a sentence

I often confide my secrets to my best friend because I know she will not tell them to anyone. 🔊

During his visit to the church, George decided to confide to the priest in the confessional booth. 🔊

John is weary of any unknown website that asks him to confide his personal details. 🔊

Because the sisters were so close, they would often confide secrets to one another. 🔊

Helen was disappointed when her teenage daughter did not confide in her about her boyfriend troubles. 🔊

If Anthony does not confide in his attorney, he will find it very difficult to remain out of prison. 🔊

My husband did not confide his financial fears to me because he did not want me to worry. 🔊

When I was a child, I would confide my deepest thoughts to my loving grandmother. 🔊

Elliot is smart enough to not confide in anyone he does not trust. 🔊

Because of doctor patient confidentiality, I feel safe when I confide my feelings to my psychiatrist. 🔊

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