Fodder in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Fodder

a person or thing that is used for a specific reason

Examples of Fodder in a sentence

The celebrity’s arrest made great fodder for the tabloid journalists.  🔊

When the new vampire book came out, it was great fodder for conversation.  🔊

The evidence the detectives found was fodder the prosecutor could use to prove the defendant’s guilt.  🔊

Although the famous athlete tried to keep his divorce private, he realized he had failed when the story became fodder for online blogs.  🔊

The political candidate’s scandal was the perfect fodder for his opponent to use against him.  🔊

Since the troubled students were always causing problems in class, they were excellent fodder for discussion during the teachers’ meetings.  🔊

The antics of my dysfunctional family could make great fodder for a reality show.  🔊

Now that George is famous, he is weekly fodder for the paparazzi.  🔊

The crackers and cheese are being used as fodder to appease the guests’ hunger while the main dish is being prepared.  🔊

After I listened to the speaker talk about succeeding despite all odds, I finally had the fodder I needed for inspiration.  🔊

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