Conscientiously in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Conscientiously

to be done with care and thoughtfulness

Examples of Conscientiously in a sentence

Gemma conscientiously studied for her exams every day, determined to earn straight A's.  🔊

After carefully considering all options, Gemma conscientiously chose the most ethical course of action.  🔊

Gemma's conscientiously organized desk allowed her to work efficiently and effectively.  🔊

The teacher praised Gemma for her conscientiously completed homework assignments.  🔊

Despite the overwhelming workload, Gemma conscientiously tackled each task one at a time, determined to succeed.  🔊

Samantha conscientiously studied for her exams, knowing that her future depended on her grades.  🔊

The engineer conscientiously checked and double-checked his calculations before presenting them to the team.  🔊

Despite the temptation to take a shortcut, Rebecca conscientiously followed the recipe, resulting in a delicious meal.  🔊

After reviewing the contract thoroughly, Jake conscientiously decided to decline the offer.  🔊

Conscientiously following the company's code of conduct, Maria reported the incident to her supervisor immediately.  🔊

Samantha conscientiously studied for her upcoming math test, knowing that a good grade would help her get into the college of her dreams.  🔊

After carefully reviewing all the evidence, the judge conscientiously handed down her verdict.  🔊

The architect conscientiously designed the building to be energy-efficient and sustainable.  🔊

Conscientiously following the recipe, Maria expertly whipped up a delicious cake for her daughter's birthday party.  🔊

Despite the long hours and demanding workload, the nurses at the hospital conscientiously cared for their patients with compassion and dedication.  🔊

Samantha conscientiously followed the recipe, carefully measuring each ingredient and stirring the mixture vigorously.  🔊

After months of diligent practice, Consuela conscientiously performed the complicated dance routine flawlessly.  🔊

Despite the overwhelming workload, Jamal conscientiously completed every task assigned to him.  🔊

When making important decisions, Jake always considers the potential consequences and acts conscientiously.  🔊

Conscientiously aware of the environmental impact of their actions, the company implemented sustainable practices throughout their supply chain.  🔊

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