Irretrievable in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Irretrievable

unable to recover or reverse back to what it was

Examples of Irretrievable in a sentence

During a fight harsh words are irretrievable since they may be kept in the person’s mind forever.  🔊

Irretrievable fire damage was done to the family’s keepsakes because nothing could replace their sentimental treasures that were lost in the fire.  🔊

Ken was discouraged by his irretrievable football career once the last injury he sustained caused him to quit playing professional football.  🔊

Once the ring fell into the deep dark well, the man realized that this irretrievable ring would have to be lost forever.  🔊

With mounting bills stacked on his countertop, the young man believed that his irretrievable debt problem would cause him to be bankrupt.  🔊

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