Cordon in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Cordon

to create a barrier around or from something

Examples of Cordon in a sentence

Since children could get injured on playgrounds, it is essential to cordon off a playground so they don’t have access to it through the fence. 🔊

Ushers will cordon off the first three rows in the theater so that the customers will realize that the rope means no one should sit there. 🔊

The amusement park administrators would cordon off the equipment and machines that run the park rides so no one will be able to sabotage the ride. 🔊

Police will cordon off an area that they deem dangerous to the public by stretching police tape around the area. 🔊

In order for everyone to be safe, officials decided to cordon off the section away from the hostage situation so the news reporters’ views of the scene were restricted. 🔊

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