Segregation in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Segregation

setting apart or separation

Examples of Segregation in a sentence

Feminists complain about segregation between men and women in the workplace.  🔊

Many people today stress the importance of segregation between church and state.  🔊

Though the Civil Rights act was passed in 1964, many areas of the country were still slow to overcome segregation.  🔊

Segregation was much more common in the south.  🔊

There is much less defined segregation between the classes in the United States.  🔊

There are countries around the world that still openly segregate men from women.  🔊

The professor would not allow segregation in his classroom, which is why he encouraged people to interact with all races and religions.  🔊

The internment camps used by the United States during World War II were a gross example of racial segregation.  🔊

In certain countries, religious segregation is the norm.  🔊

Though there was no open segregation, the separate programs made it quite clear what they were going for.  🔊

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