Sequester in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Sequester

to be put away for a specific reason

Examples of Sequester in a sentence

The people with the virus were told to sequester themselves at home to avoid spreading the illness. 🔊

If the verdict is not decided the first day, the judge will sequester the jury members to protect them from external influences. 🔊

The writer decided to sequester himself in an isolated cabin so he could finish his novel without interruptions. 🔊

In an attempt to break his own videogame record, Daniel chose to sequester himself in his bedroom for an entire weekend. 🔊

The veterinarian will sequester the dog with the unknown disease in a private room. 🔊

Because Chip has a huge deadline to meet, he has chosen to sequester himself in his office so he will not be disturbed. 🔊

The judge ordered detectives to sequester the witness in a safe house. 🔊

To prevent poisoning accidents, many parents sequester medications in a locked cabinet. 🔊

The single mother was upset when she learned the judge planned to sequester the jury away from their families. 🔊

If Janice is depressed and does not want to be bothered, she will sometimes sequester herself in her bedroom. 🔊

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