Parochial in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Parochial

having a restricted outlook

Examples of Parochial in a sentence

John’s view of life is parochial and does not include anything outside of his own happiness. 🔊

Because of Heather’s parochial upbringing in the country, she knows nothing about living in a large city. 🔊

The parochial school’s views are limited to the religious principles of the church that manages it. 🔊

Since the professor tends to be parochial, he is often unwilling to listen to theories other than his own. 🔊

Companies that do not step outside of their parochial product lines will fall behind their competitors who are not afraid to diversify. 🔊

As an unruly teenager who questioned everything, I had very little use for the close-minded nuns in my parochial school. 🔊

The mayor’s parochial response to the media showed he was only focused on his opinion of the situation. 🔊

In his speech, the principal detailed his parochial education plan that centered on the faculty teaching solely from the textbooks. 🔊

One of my grandmother’s parochial views is that women are not capable of working outside the home. 🔊

Isn’t it ironic that a stripper has parochial views on the topic of sex before marriage? 🔊

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