Debauchery in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Debauchery

extreme indulgence in sensual behaviors, such as careless drinking and promiscuity

Examples of Debauchery in a sentence

How can you go to church every Sunday and still engage in debauchery? 🔊

Give me a bachelor party without debauchery, and I’ll show you a boring evening!  🔊

Because he was looking forward to four years of debauchery, Jamie could not wait to go to college. 🔊

To add spice to her marriage, Helen planned a night of debauchery for herself and her husband.  🔊

The priest knew nothing about the debauchery surrounding his church’s youth group.  🔊

Even though Jack had spent every last penny of his fortune on gambling and debauchery, he was still happy with his life.  🔊

While the actress had won many awards, recent pictures of her drunken debauchery were starting to overshadow her career.  🔊

If not for the film’s emphasis on debauchery, the movie could go down in history as one of the best ever.  🔊

Those of you who enjoy hearing tales of debauchery should check out that new reality show!  🔊

Despite having had a stroke, the rock star was still able to write a book about his band’s years of offstage debauchery.  🔊

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