Denounce in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Denounce

to criticize harshly and publicly

Examples of Denounce in a sentence

As a teacher of a low-performing school, I definitely have the right to denounce the poor efforts of my students. 🔊

Are you really surprised that the victim’s family is going to denounce the killer’s not-guilty verdict?  🔊

The dictator made a speech to denounce the actions of his enemies. 🔊

Management was quick to denounce the hard work done by the union representatives.  🔊

When the flight attendants learned about their proposed pay cuts, they decided to denounce the airlines at a news conference.  🔊

How can you denounce the service at that restaurant when you have never eaten there?  🔊

After Rhonda left the church, she went out of the way to denounce her former beliefs.  🔊

The committee members were quick to denounce their chairman when news of his financial fraud came to light.  🔊

While the congressman was not a fan of the budget proposal, he did not denounce it as being inadequate either.  🔊

Even though the two wrestlers denounce each other on the show, they are actually best friends and roommates.  🔊

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