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Definition of Defunct

no longer in use

Examples of Defunct in a sentence

Though the car was defunct, he knew that with the right parts and some hard work he could restore it.  🔊

After being hit by a hurricane, the entire neighborhood was defunct.  🔊

A fire swept through the city, leaving many houses abandoned and defunct.  🔊

Though the investor saw potential in the location, the house had been defunct for so long he was not sure he could ever restore it.  🔊

Though the owner saw only a defunct shell of a car, the buyer realized the potential for restoration.  🔊

The land was fenced off and covered in caution tape, warning all not to enter the defunct warehouse.  🔊

Realizing the elevator was defunct, they were forced to take the stairs instead.  🔊

The archaeologists were excited when they stumbled upon a defunct monument.  🔊

Latin is a defunct language.  🔊

The building was completely defunct, sitting only as a reminder of how great the city was once.  🔊

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