Demagogue in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Demagogue

a political leader who tries to influence people by making emotional speeches

Examples of Demagogue in a sentence

Todd wrote an excellent paper describing Hitler as a demagogue. 🔊

The agitators were led by an angry demagogue whose mission was to overthrow the government.  🔊

Because of the frantic way he delivers his speeches, the preacher comes across as a crazed demagogue. 🔊

Only a demagogue could persuade so many people to rebel against authority.  🔊

If a demagogue takes over the throne, the country will be well on its way to self-destruction.  🔊

The arrogant demagogue made a crazy speech which did not appeal to the educated elite.  🔊

When he appealed to the desires of his followers, the demagogue found it was an effortless task to raise campaign funds.  🔊

The outrageous post was written by a demagogue who used social networks to influence voters.  🔊

Although he had no logical solution to the gasoline crisis, the demagogue was quick to find fault in the solutions offered by others.  🔊

Once you are in office, you do not want to be perceived as a demagogue who does not accept rational ideas.  🔊

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