Demeanor in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Demeanor

an individual’s displayed behavior

Examples of Demeanor in a sentence

Jack’s disruptive demeanor got him kicked out of school for a week. 🔊

When Helen is working as a hostage negotiator, she always has such a calm demeanor.  🔊

It was obvious from the man’s anxious demeanor that he was nervous about being on the witness stand. 🔊

Since Frank is a principal in a young adult prison, he must always have a stern demeanor when dealing with the students.  🔊

Rose had such a friendly demeanor that everyone wanted to be her friend.  🔊

If you look at the policeman’s stern demeanor, you can see he is serious about catching the suspect.  🔊

The dog’s demeanor changed whenever he was around his abusive owner.  🔊

When Lee drinks too much, his demeanor completely changes.  🔊

Every guy in the bar knew not to approach the woman with the icy demeanor.  🔊

Because Jason is known for having a rude demeanor, he does not get a lot of party invites.  🔊

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