Altercation in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Altercation

a loud and heated disagreement

Examples of Altercation in a sentence

The altercation between the two men was quickly broken up by mall security.  🔊

Until more information is known, the police will not reveal details about the altercation between the arresting officer and the suspect.  🔊

The entire baseball team ran onto the field and jumped into the altercation between their teammate and an opposing player.  🔊

During the altercation, Frank had two ribs broken.  🔊

The best friends had an altercation over a girl they both liked.  🔊

Hopefully, the verbal altercation will end before any punches are thrown.  🔊

Just as the altercation was about to become violent, friends stepped in and pulled the two enemies apart.  🔊

The angry drug dealer engaged in an altercation with the customer who refused to pay him.  🔊

Because Peter was angry, he went into the bar and started an altercation with a stranger.  🔊

According to the news, one person died as a result of the altercation that occurred outside the baseball stadium.  🔊

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