Divulge in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Divulge

to make something known

Examples of Divulge in a sentence

Doctors must be careful to not divulge confidential information about their patients.  🔊

Even though the chef could make a lot of money by giving away his recipes, he refuses to divulge the secret ingredients in his dishes.  🔊

Drug manufacturers are required to divulge any side effects that may be caused by their drugs.  🔊

By signing these papers, I agree to not divulge any of my company’s financial records to anyone outside of my firm.  🔊

The suspect refused to divulge any information until her lawyer arrived.  🔊

Because the soldier loved his country, he refused to divulge national secrets to his enemy.  🔊

Sally promised to never divulge her best friend’s secrets to anyone.  🔊

If the criminal wants to get his sentence reduced, he must agree to divulge his accomplice’s whereabouts.  🔊

The famous actress will not divulge any information about her love life to the press.  🔊

As a celebrity assistant, I never divulge facts about my employer’s life.  🔊

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