Exemplify in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Exemplify

to show or illustrate by example

Examples of Exemplify in a sentence

The citizenship trophies are presented to exemplify the best examples of good citizenship among the student body. 🔊

When James chooses his assistant manager, he will select the employee who can most exemplify the core values of the company.  🔊

The high school dropouts exemplify what is wrong with today’s public school system. 🔊

If the data does not exemplify what is wrong with the software program, we will have to start from scratch by writing new code.  🔊

Students expect their teachers to exemplify good behavior at all times.  🔊

According to the principal, the student council members exemplify the best young leaders in the school.  🔊

The decrease in lottery sales serves to exemplify the public’s lack of interest in gambling.  🔊

During his speech, the president stated all men and women of the military exemplify the determination of people who will die to preserve freedom.  🔊

The missionary has chosen to dedicate his life to the poor in order to exemplify the ideals of Christianity.  🔊

Although I attempted to follow the teacher’s instructions, my presentation did not exemplify the theme of the short story.  🔊

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