Dollop in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Dollop

a little blob of something that is usually squishy or gooey

Examples of Dollop in a sentence

Since I didn’t want to ingest a lot of calories, I spooned a dollop of sour cream onto my baked potato.  🔊

With a dollop of whipped cream placed in the middle of the individual pudding desserts, you could see the large scoop of dark chocolate under the cream.  🔊

Due to my mother’s messiness, she will usually drop a dollop of jelly or soft butter onto the front of her shirt while eating.  🔊

After asking to try a bite of my friend’s spaghetti sauce, she dropped a dollop of it onto my plate to taste it.  🔊

Squeezing a dollop of hair gel into my hand, I rubbed it together and spread it thinly over my hair.  🔊

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