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Definition of Droughts

prolonged periods of below-average precipitation

Examples of Droughts in a sentence

Ryan was studying the dynamics of droughts and their relationship to climate change, as he believed that understanding these patterns could help to improve predictions and responses to future droughts.  🔊

Alice's research focused on the effects of droughts on plant and animal communities, and she had seen firsthand the devastating consequences of prolonged periods of low rainfall.  🔊

Tom's work as a humanitarian aid worker had brought him to many regions affected by droughts, and he had seen the devastating effects on the local population, including food insecurity and waterborne diseases.  🔊

Tom's community was hit hard by the recent droughts, and he and his neighbors had to come together to find ways to conserve water and share resources during the difficult times.  🔊

Emma's passion for environmental conservation extended to efforts to mitigate the impact of droughts, and she was involved in projects to conserve water and promote sustainable agriculture practices.  🔊

Emma's research focused on the causes and consequences of droughts, and she spent many hours studying climate data and meteorological patterns to understand the underlying factors that contribute to drought conditions.  🔊

Ryan's efforts to educate the public about droughts and water conservation were successful, and he was invited to speak at conferences and workshops to share his knowledge and experience with others.  🔊

Emma's work on droughts was featured in a major scientific journal, and she received a lot of attention and recognition for her contributions to the field of drought research.  🔊

Tom was worried about the droughts that had been plaguing their region, as they had led to water shortages and crop failures in the past few years.  🔊

Ryan's family farm had been hit hard by droughts in the past, and he had learned the importance of conservation and preparedness in order to minimize the impact on his crops and livestock.  🔊

Tom and Alice's farm had been hit hard by the droughts, as the lack of rain had caused their crops to wither and die, leading to significant losses in revenue and income.  🔊

Tom was well-aware of the dangers and challenges posed by droughts, as he had grown up in a region that was prone to water shortages and dry spells.  🔊

Alice's advocacy efforts focused on raising awareness about the causes and consequences of droughts, and she worked with local and international organizations to educate people and promote solutions.  🔊

Alice had first-hand experience of the devastating effects of droughts, as she grew up in a rural area and remembered the hardships her family and community faced during dry spells.  🔊

Ryan was an expert in drought management and mitigation, and he worked with farmers and government agencies to develop strategies and technologies to reduce the impacts of droughts on agriculture and water resources.  🔊

Emma's work as a meteorologist involved monitoring and predicting droughts, and she had developed sophisticated models and algorithms to help forecast the likelihood and severity of dry conditions.  🔊

Tom was deeply concerned about the droughts affecting his region, as they were causing widespread crop failures and water shortages.  🔊

Ryan's experience with droughts had taught him the value of resilience and adaptability, and he had developed strategies and techniques to cope with the challenges and hardships of living in a dry region.  🔊

Emma was involved in a project to educate people about the risks and impacts of droughts.  🔊

Ryan's research had shown that droughts were becoming more frequent and severe in many parts of the world, and he believed that urgent action was needed to address the underlying causes and mitigate their impacts.  🔊

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