Eccentricities in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Eccentricities

behaviors or habits that are seen as unusual, strange, or unconventional

Examples of Eccentricities in a sentence

The artist, Sarah, was known for her eccentricities, which often manifested in her colorful and unconventional creations.  🔊

Ms. Jones, the scientist, was admired for her eccentricities, which included a passion for collecting rare insects and an obsession with studying the effects of gravity on space debris.  🔊

Jasmine's eccentricities were not always well-received, but she embraced them as part of her individuality.  🔊

While some found Jasmine's eccentricities off-putting, others were drawn to her quirky sense of humor and creativity.  🔊

Ms. Jones's eccentricities were seen as a sign of her brilliant and curious mind, and many of her colleagues were envious of her ability to think outside the box.  🔊

Jasmine's eccentricities often led her to pursue unusual hobbies and interests.  🔊

Jasmine's eccentricities were part of what made her such a unique and interesting person.  🔊

Jasmine embraced her eccentricities and didn't let others' opinions dictate how she lived her life.  🔊

Jason, the scientist, was famous for his eccentricities, such as his love of wearing bow ties and his habit of talking to himself while conducting experiments.  🔊

The artist, Mr. Smith, was known for his eccentricities, which included wearing a top hat and monocle to all of his exhibitions and only using a quill and ink to create his art.  🔊

Sarah's eccentricities were not always well-received by the art world, but she remained true to her unique vision and style.  🔊

Jason's eccentricities were seen as endearing by his colleagues, who appreciated his quirky sense of humor and his unconventional approach to science.  🔊

Jasmine's eccentricities were not always well-received, but she remained true to herself.  🔊

Jasmine's eccentricities included a love for collecting rare stamps and a fascination with UFO sightings.  🔊

Despite her eccentricities, Sarah's talent and creativity were undeniable, and she went on to achieve great success and recognition in the art world.  🔊

Mr. Smith's eccentricities were a source of fascination for many people, who found his unique perspective and approach to art inspiring and refreshing.  🔊

Despite his eccentricities, Jasmine's grandfather was well-respected in the community.  🔊

Despite his eccentricities, Mr. Smith was a highly successful artist, with a devoted following of fans and collectors.  🔊

Despite her eccentricities, Jasmine was well-liked and respected for her unique perspective.  🔊

Jasmine's eccentricities made her stand out from the crowd and often puzzled those around her.  🔊

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